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Focus on the detection of surface defects of tiny electronic components

Suzhou Innovision Semiconductor Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 2015. The company focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of six-face defect inspection equipment for micro-electronic components (semiconductor components, MLCC, SMD resistors, inductors, LTCC, etc). The core members of the company's R&D team have many years of experience in research and development of similar equipment in Japan. The previous company's AI algorithm-based Electronic component appearance inspection machine has been accepted by many industry customers and widely used due to its high speed, low manslaughter, and easy operation.

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create value for customers
Provide opportunities for employees
Contribute to social civilization

Business philosophy

High service level
High service level

Core competence

Efficiency, innovation
Quick response to customers

Development path


Incorporation of the company

The company was registered and established, and based on serving the visual inspection field of the SMT industry.


The first generation of SPI goes online

The first generation of SPI is launched, MLP multilayer sensing technology improves the accuracy of solder paste area extraction; Harris corner detection algorithm realizes seamless splicing of multiple FOVs.


The first generation of AOI is online

The first generation of AOI is online, with 3 colors and 3 angles LED light source, which strengthens various undesirable features of PCBA; brand-new platform calibration technology, overall splicing error <20μm.


The second generation of AOI is online

The second generation of AOI was launched, the new human-computer interaction system NavigatorUI2.0, and the production time of the inspection plan was greatly reduced.


MLCC appearance inspection machine is online

MLCC appearance inspection machine is online, (1) AIBOOST deep learning algorithm, 0402 (imperial) inspection speed up to 8500p/m; (2) In the same year, the high-speed machine V100Plus was launched, and the detection speed of 0402 (English) was increased to 11000p/m+. Our company was the first supplier to launch a high-speed machine in the market that year.


Launched appearance inspection machine

MLCC/multilayer inductors (01005~1206) (imperial) appearance inspection machines have been launched one after another


Launched V200 series products

Based on the original basic products, the detection field has now been expanded to the chip resistor/LTCC industry, and the V200 series of products have been launched. The function is enriched, the algorithm is deepened, and the performance is strengthened.


company advantage

Focusing on the research and development of visual inspection equipment for surface defects, the basic technology comes from the original Japanese team; coupled with the integration of the latest cutting-edge technologies, our equipment is ahead of the industry.

We believe:

Excellent testing equipment is not only the interaction with the product, but also the interaction between the equipment and the user.

we hope:

While the performance of our equipment meets the requirements, we need to make users like to use it。

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