High speed

The highest speed can reach 13000+PCS/MIN

Real-time control system


Refresh rate <1KHz <10KHz <80KHz
Delay High latency, uncertain latency High delay, the delay time is determined Low delay, the delay time is accurate定
stability Low middle high
*Real-time 80MHZ position tracking is realized, which is faster than PLC and PC refresh, which greatly improves the position tracking accuracy of the vision system and the screening system.

High-speed feeding module


high speed

High precision

long life

※Adopt the vibration plate imported from Japan, use high-hardness aluminum alloy and special surface treatment, which can effectively avoid scratches on the surface during the long-term production process. Realize high-speed, high-precision, and long-life feeding.

High-speed acquisition module


high speed

High precision

long life

※High-speed CCD with a resolution of up to 1.5UM, the exposure can be completed in microseconds. A high-definition still image can be obtained even in the high-speed movement of the component.

High-speed sorting system


※High-frequency bullet valve, highly reliable microsecond time repeatability, and long life of up to 2 billion times.

Parallel architecture | new generation CPU | GPU acceleration

并行架构 | 新一代CPU | GPU加速

Multi-line parallel processing
Significantly reduce detection time
Capture image
Image transmission
Detection calculation

Fully balanced and upgraded image acquisition & processing hardware configuration


CPU aspect,MAXWELL V200Equipped with a new 12nm process INTEL server-class processor, with up to 20 cores and 40 threads of multi-line parallel processing capabilities。

At the same time, it is equipped with multiple latest-generation NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX GPUs, which fully accelerates image parallel processing and AL inference operations。

For image acquisition, a high frame rate industrial CMOS camera based on the USB3.0VISION transmission protocol is selected. Through the deep customized development of the SDK, it can achieve a full frame rate acquisition of up to 290FPS。

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