High detection rate

Equipped with AI algorithm to achieve zero missed detection and low misjudgment

Catch subtle defects that were previously undetectable


MAXWELL SERIES can detect complex and bad types that cannot be detected by traditional algorithms. At the same time, it can achieve zero leakage, high detection rate, and low false positive rate. Can detect all types of defects visible to the human eye in the image, realizing what you see is what you get in a true sense。
※Some common flaws in the picture do not show a big difference in the contrast between light and dark, and it is difficult for traditional algorithms to detect these flaws.

Realize multi-dimensional defect detection


AL will start from various viewpoints to find the parts with the largest difference in color, brightness, area, shape, edge, etc. between the registered OK product and the NG product, and automatically perform the most suitable detection settings, which can greatly enhance the defects in the above picture. Detection.
MAXWELL V200The first to introduce a defect detection algorithm based on CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) deep learning in the field of MLCC detection. It can still maintain a high detection capability under complex conditions such as component color changes. Frequent parameter adjustments are not required manually, greatly saving operation man-hours, and at the same time, it can effectively avoid the situation of inconsistent detection results caused by differences in parameters set by different personnel.
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